Integrated Registry

Disease or patient registries are collections of secondary data related to patients with a specific diagnosis, condition, or procedure, and they play an important role in post marketing surveillance of pharmaceuticals. Registries are different from indexes in that they contain more extensive data. In its most simple form, a disease registry could consist of a collection of paper cards kept inside "a shoe box" by an individual physician. Most frequently registries vary in sophistication from simple spreadsheets that only can be accessed by a small group of physicians to very complex databases that are accessed online across multiple institutions e.g. EHP's Caribbean Renal Registry. They can provide health providers (or even patients) with reminders to check certain tests in order to reach certain quality goals.

Maternal Newborn Health Registry

The primary purpose of this population-based study is to quantify and understand the trends in pregnancy outcomes in defined low-resource geographic areas over time, in order to provide population-based data on stillbirths, neonatal and maternal mortality.

Primary Outcome Study Objectives:

  • Maternal mortality rate
  • Stillbirth rate
  • Early neonatal mortality rate

Secondary Outcome Measures:

  • Cause of maternal death
  • Cause of neonatal death

HIV/AIDS Registry

HIV is one of the diseases that have to be combated as reflected in the Millennium Development Goals and is also being addressed in the Department of Health's Medium Term Development Plan. EHP proposes an HIV behavioral and biological surveillance for emerging nations. The surveillance data would be collected regularly to provide the HIV and risk behavior prevalence data that is necessary to enable countries to monitor and respond to its epidemic.

The overall purpose of the Integrated HIV Surveillance Registry (IHSR) is to provide data to improve the countries response to the epidemic with the following specific objectives:

  • Quantifying the magnitude of HIV infection
  • Understanding how HIV is spreading - or might potentially spread
  • Assisting in HIV/AIDS program planning
  • Advocating for prevention and care services
  • Aiding in program evaluation
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