Company Profile
E-Health Portfolio, Inc., is a Public Health Intelligence company focusing on creating a real-time Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response System (EPR) for bio-surveillance and medical intelligence for emerging nations.

E-Health Portfolio, Inc. is a Minnesota based company. Its owners and associates have over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Public Health, software engineering, biomedical engineering, business, product development and design. E-Health Portfolio™ Web-based technology gathers accurate, up-to-date, real time, scientifically relevant health data. EHP automatedsystemgenerates verifiable and trustworthy reports of public health importance, creating a context to engage health care providers, citizen/patient, pharmacies, insurance companies, research institutions, and policy makers to:
  1. Insure the quality of health care
  2. collectively access health data
  3. collectively access potential health threats
  4. provide optimal response to public health threats.
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